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Few Words About us

As we are self described by our name “The Divine Space” we are situated on the Bank of Holy Ganga, surrounded by hills, all around in the Capital of Yoga “Rishikesh” and it all makes our Place a true Divine space to practice yoga and Spirituality….

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Yoga Courses

We Provides Best of Yoga study to build your Skills in to the highest level and we are here to groom your Every aspect of Knowledge...


Ayurveda Courses

Best Ayurvedic Study we provides under the highly skilled Doctors and Ayurveda experts to give you the best knowledge of our ancient Ayurveda knowledge …


Yoga Workshops

Sharing yogic Teachings and techniques with the modern world we have planned some wonderful Yoga workshops to share with Corporate, Schools, Community and with many others...

Yoga Retreats

Nature Camping

Here Is the Best of Camping and healthy outdoor to enjoy with your family and friends at the lap of Mother Nature and holy Ganga river. We make your trip memorable and provide you the benefits of health with yoga and Vedic treatments. And also live your days with the fun of camping and Jungle Living.

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Yoga Retreats Himalayas

We are situated in the lap of Himalayas and we are well known with our native. We have designed many yoga retreats in Himalayan region with the Great combination of Ayurveda, Yoga and outdoors as well..

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Detoxification Yoga Retreat

We Provides Special Yoga and Panch Karma (Detoxification) Retreats to heal your Body soul and mind. Panch karma is an Ayurvedic Procedure to cure your inner and outer Body and feel the new birth in yourself.

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Know more about our Yoga Retreat.



Intensive Hatha Yoga Course

Come and Join us on The Divine Space Yoga Foundation Day in December 2017. We are celebrating this with Special design Intensive hatha Yoga Course ....

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Rishikesh Chopta Yoga retreat

Enjoy this Summer Holiday on Beautiful Himalayan peak, meditate at the Highest Shiva temple. fill your lungs with fresh air and blessing of Yoga. with this Beautiful Yoga retreat.

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Daily Drop-In Classes

Find the Deep Knowledge with our Unique Designed Daily Drop-in Classes to Explorer Your Sprituality....

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Yoga is path of life, if there people walk on this path so they can find the main goal of life; but it can find with just Asana or Pranayama. No, Yoga is something else more than this and Yoga is always Incident. Our goal is spread the true value and meaning of Yoga to Universal. This make different The Divine Space Yog from other.
Our Mantra-"Be aware and live in Bliss"