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June 27, 2017 Divine Space Yoga 13

Yoga for Community

We are working with a process where individuals and families come together to create a compassionate and sustainable community, surrounded in an atmosphere where they are inspired to grow physically, spiritually and emotionally. We believe that when individuals change, their families and communities also change. We want to inspire this change by reminding individuals of the love, compassion and energy that dwell within them, guiding them to health, happiness and well being. This will also help to build up social atmosphere in society and our surrounding. Basically we thought yog is a health practices which is not that much interesting and happening but it is not. we tell you the most rhythmic face of yog as a beautiful performing art which any one can join and become a performer.

The program is designed for children of all ages. Yoga for small children in fun yoga poses, games and songs. For older children the program becomes more active and new poses and games are introduced and breathing technique is taught. This helps the children integrate the new skills of self regulation and calmness into their lives.

Our Yog and Meditation Program for Kids and Student

We suggest having group yog session and some Quick Yog Workout out in public gathering which feels like a public and social event and provides a great publicity to your Shopping-mall, Resort, Complex, residential society and other. also Your firm helps to promote Indian Yogic Culture and providing healthy gathering to your customers employees or residences