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June 27, 2017 Divine Space Yoga 13

Yoga for Students

We all know kids and youth are the next sailor of our future ship, for the bright future and great health to our next generation they should understand the connection between body and mind. kids can learn this secrete of yog with our easy planned Technique with fun and enjoyment which we call kids yog or fun yog. at The divine space we start with the kids of age 5 to involve their body and mind in a balanced sink to make them understand their potential which help them in their study .Yog and Meditation improves their problem solving ability decision making power, concentration, boost their memory build inner confidence and the very basic their most of health issues .Our plan for kids yog provide benefit to each and every kids on this earth.

The program is designed for children of all ages. Yoga for small children in fun yoga poses, games and songs. For older children the program becomes more active and new poses and games are introduced and breathing technique is taught. This helps the children integrate the new skills of self regulation and calmness into their lives.

Our Yog and Meditation Program for Kids and Student

Warm up Dance :-

Warming up your body is the startup for this fun session and dance is the most lovable Technique for every child with the flow of music and dance we motivate kids to stretch their body.

Fun Stretching :-

Stretching is not a pain full experience any more, for kids and youth stretching their body is a fun task to perform with our special program.

Transformation sequence :-

The Divine Yog basically follow the very miner rule of nature is “go with the flow” and we got the great result for making this Technique to be use full in yog and here the result as flow yog specially made for young and flexible body as kids and youth generation, here we teach the art of making transformation between one yog posture to another with an effective and interesting way.

Partner yog :-

This Technique of performing yog with a partner is the best modification of modern yoga education for kids and our youth generation which leads them to learn a great lesson of team bonding, perform for the society and become a great personality and a honest human being.

Vedic Chanting :-

Chanting om Vedic mantra improve our memory power and spirituality twice every day this deep conclusion founded from most of the Vedas so we truly flow this to get connected with our inner self.

Pranayama the Breathing Technic : -

Keep breathing is the simple way of being happy, relaxed and healthy today we all forgot how to breath for our inner self we breath just to provide oxygen to our lungs to be kept alive and nothing else we use is for. in our all Vedas and Upanishads a simplest teaching to become super human is just breath for you inner self. so that what we do help you to understand how this life breath gives you new life and energy for more hard work and dedication.

Yogic Art Therapy : -

How to make our mind happy and peaceful is a difficult task we all are facing today we understood art, music and colors is an effective medicine to boost happiness and peacefulness of our mind which we know as Yogic art therapy.

Relaxation : -

At the end of all sessions we let the kids to be get relax and meditate with the sound of peace. and letting them smile with all of the experience they had with us.

  1. Improve concentration power and boost up the memory.
  2. Improve Spirituality and faith.
  3. Improve immune system and nutrition absorbent system.
  4. Help in to body growth and healthy body.
  5. Improve Team work
  6. Help to build Creative and innovative Brain.
  7. Improve self confident.