The Divine Space

At Divine Space Yoga, we offer a variety of classes designed to cater to all levels of yoga practitioners, from beginners to advanced. Here’s an overview of the classes you can join:

Yoga Courses

Dive into our structured yoga teacher training programs, including the 100-hour Ayur Yoga TTC, the 200-hour Yoga TTC, and the advanced 300-hour Yoga TTC.

100 Hours Ayur Yoga TTC

Dive into the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda and yoga. This course provides a foundational understanding of Ayurveda principles combined with yoga practice.

200 Hours Yoga TTC

An extensive training curriculum for prospective yoga instructors encompasses asanas, pranayama, meditation, and philosophical studies.

300 Hours Yoga TTC

Individuals seeking to enhance their yoga practice and teaching abilities to gain a deeper insight into yoga philosophy and improve their instructional methods.

Yoga Retreats

Experience tranquillity in nature with our Nature Camping retreat, or join our transformative Rishikesh Yoga Retreat or Pilgrimage Yoga Retreat.

Nature Camping

Immerse yourself in the serene natural surroundings of Rishikesh. Connect with the elements and rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul.

Rishikesh Yoga Retreat

Experience a serene getaway by the sacred Ganges. Immerse yourself in daily yoga, meditation, and satsang for spiritual enrichment.

Pilgrimage Yoga Retreat

Combine spirituality with physical practice. Explore nearby temples, ashrams, and pilgrimage sites while deepening your yoga journey.

Yoga Workshops

Enhance your practice with specialized workshops tailored for corporate settings (Yoga for Corporate), students (Yoga for Students), and community engagement (Community Yoga)

Yoga for Corporate

Bring mindfulness and wellness to the workplace. Learn techniques to manage stress, improve focus, and enhance productivity.

Yoga for Students

Designed for students, this workshop integrates yoga with study strategies to enhance concentration, memory, and overall well-being.

Community Yoga

Practice yoga together, share experiences, and spread positivity in our welcoming community sessions. Join us for holistic wellness and connection.


Cleanse your body and rejuvenate your spirit with our Detoxification and Ayurveda Retreat programs.


Rid your body of accumulated toxins through natural methods. Enhance your well-being and vitality.

Ayurveda Retreat

Dive into Ayurvedic practices to balance your doshas (energies). Ayurveda massages, and herbal treatments.